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Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Sandra Dewi sexy girl indonesia

The name "cinlok" average "love the place" with which his opponent played. However Dewi Sandra did not want this to happen to himself because of the "sweet virgin" did not leave was the same artist. "I wanted to be the same because the artist wants calm," said the girl hairy long that when they meet in the Hall of Samudra, Jakarta, on Saturday (23/8/2008). The only condition was quite long adhered to the 'Indah' star of 'Love' film. That was indeed who she really chose to become the future of their lives. "While his name to find an adult" of "life," he replied when asked if she chose the life of future partners. The situation was the only one that I personally had not heard. Because at this moment felt Sandra Dewi Sandra Dewi engrosseded be accompanied by family and her lovers.

Sabtu, 11 April 2009

Indo Model Necklace

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Sexy Umbrella Girls

Do you ever go to Sentul, Indonesia motosport circuit. Here a couple of umbrella girls with sexy bikini uniform before the start of the race. Looking hot sexy bikini sexy girl, bugil artis, artis hot, bugil artis, cewek bispak, scandal, artis indonesia

Selasa, 10 Februari 2009

Agnes Monica Concert

Agnes Monica was born on July 1, 1986, started his carrier at the age of 6 years as a program of childcare and a singer. "Pernikahan Dini" in 2001 has earned her several awards in Indonesia.

In 2003 was published his first mature album called "history." It is a big success in Indonesia. Then in 2005 released his second album "Whaddup A".

Wulan Guritno sexy artis

Wulan Guritno is one of Indonesia's most popular artist and model, to become a super star ... wulan guritno is a single mother .. good friend ... she is so sexy, hot, handsome and intelligent .. but most of Indonesia pepople know they have a sexy sexy eyes and skin .. but thousands of Internet wulan guritno photo is on it's sexy. and may present some of the "photo bugil" foto luna maya and toket "on google search ... or you can find the type of artist ndonesia kaskus forum as hot a detik the athers